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[ Néstor Carbonell Fans ]
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Celebrating the career of Néstor Carbonell

Welcome to Carbonell Fans, a LiveJournal community to celebrate and discuss the career of Néstor Carbonell! Please join and share with others your appreciation for his work. Post your artwork and photographs (no paparazzi, please!)

1. Respect all members of the community. We may differ in opinions, but let's discuss it in a mature fashion.
2. Absolutely NO paparazzi photos, photos of Mr. Carbonell's children, etc. This community is about his career, not his children or what he does when he's not working. That being said, you may post pictures of yourself with Mr. Carbonell (and please, tell us the story behind meeting him!)
3. Artwork is accepted.
4. Icons are accept, please post at most 3 "teaser" images and put the rest behind a cut.
5. Images larger than 600px in width/height must be put behind a cut.
6. Fanfic is allowed. Post it under a cut and use all proper headings.
7. Promoting related communities/websites/blogs/etc. is accepted, but please only post it once, do not spam the community over and over again.
8. The most important rule: Have fun!

If you have a related community you would like affiliated with Carbonell Fans, please comment to this post with your community.

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